How to Stop Chimney Leaks

Maryland spring is known for warm weather, blooming flowers and vicious thunderstorms. We might not get tornadoes around here, but the flooding from heavy rains does a good deal of damage to Maryland homes every year. And besides the obvious leaky basement problems, homeowners also have to deal with less obvious leaky roofs and chimneys. […]

How to Tell if You’ve Had a Chimney Fire

If your home has a fireplace or a heating stove, a chimney fire can be a real danger to your safety. A chimney fire happens when so much creosote builds up inside the chimney that it ignites and causes the entire flue to burn from the inside. While stove and chimney fireboxes are designed to […]

Is it Time to Clean Your Chimney?

Maryland is still teasing us with warm, sunny days, but the nights keep getting colder and colder. If you haven’t already started a fire in your fireplace or stove, it won’t be long until this extra warmth is welcome. But before you gather the firewood and get that fire going, make sure your chimney is […]

Protecting Your Chimney by Waterproofing

Your chimney is a structure that is subject to many environmental factors that can cause damage. In particular, the materials that a chimney is typically made out of are very conducive to absorbing moisture, resulting in water damage. To avoid such damage, you can have your chimney waterproofed. Chimney waterproofing is a preventative measure that […]

Chimney Cleaning and Home Safety

If you have a chimney in your home, then there’s no doubt you enjoy cozy fires throughout the winter. Maybe you even use a chimney as part of the means to heat your home. However, chimneys can pose a real threat to your home’s safety if they are not properly cleaned – which is why […]