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When a chimney is severely damaged such as water damage, settling of the foundation or the chimney has been struck by lightning, this is when the chimney is required to be rebuilt. The rebuilding process can be completed in two forms. The most common form is to rebuild the chimney from the roof line up, because this is where the chimney is exposed to elements. The other form of rebuilding would be from the ground up, this is where the chimney is torn down to the ground and built back to the original design, unless the customer requests differently.

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Don’t waste your time contacting other chimney services. The folks at Town and Country are the absolute best. As a part of a major renovation of my home, rebuilding of my chimney was the first step, and other work was contingent on the chimney being completed. Although I received lower estimates from other contractors, I elected to work with T & C because of their experience, the value of their proposal, and their professionalism. Because of other project commitments, T & C got a late start on my project, but as a result of Manny and his crew working until nightfall for several days, the work was completed on time. Moreover, their work was beautiful: they were able to perfectly match the bricks on my 30-year-old house. One can’t tell where the original brickwork stops and the new begins. These guys are artists! I cannot recommend T & C enough.

From, Kay, to Rick, to Manny and his crew, these folks are indeed the best!

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