Dangers of Unmaintained Fireplaces and Chimneys

Fireplaces and chimneys can be wonderful additions to any home. They offer warmth and comfort, create an inviting atmosphere, and can even add value to your property. However, it’s important to remember that fireplaces and chimneys require regular maintenance in order to ensure they operate safely. Leaving them unmaintained can pose serious risks to your […]

Tips for Safe Wood Burning in Your Home

More than 1/3 of Americans use wood or fuel-fired appliances as their primary heat source. If you have a wood stove or wood fireplace in your home, it’s important to be aware of safety precautions and procedures that are necessary to properly operate and maintain them. Both types of systems work in the same manor: […]

2017 Chimney Checklist

A properly functioning chimney is crucial to the safe and effective heating of your home. Like most systems in your home, a chimney requires yearly maintenance and care to run efficiently. This is why we suggest taking time to look over your fireplace and chimney on a year basis. Run through this 2017 chimney checklist […]

Fireplace Decorating Tips

A Fireplace and it’s mantle are a wonderful opportunity for decorating and bringing character and unique style to your space. While it may not be the focal point of the home during warm months, that doesn’t mean you still won’t want to use it as a gathering place and highlight its beauty. These few tips […]

What to Do if You Have a Chimney Fire

February is usually one of the coldest months in the mid-Atlantic region, which means increased fireplace use for many families. And if you’ve been slacking on chimney sweeping, you are especially at risk of chimney fires. Chimney fires are dangerous because they cause the chimney to get very hot, which may lead to chimney damage, […]