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2017 Chimney Checklist

A properly functioning chimney is crucial to the safe and effective heating of your home. Like most systems in your home, a chimney requires yearly maintenance and care to run efficiently. This is why we suggest taking time to look over your fireplace and chimney on a year basis. Run through this 2017 chimney checklist to ensure your chimney is properly functioning this year.

Look for Chipping or Cracked Bricks

Have a look at your chimney’s bricks on top of your roof, and the firebrick where the fire actually burns in your home. If there are any missing, chipped, or otherwise damaged bricks you should have them replaced to prevent serious damage or fire. A chimney rebuilding service will be the best option for this type of home repair because it is dangerous and specialized work.

Look for Chipped or Cracked Bricks on Chimney

Nesting Animals

While out looking at the flashing, look at the chimney cap and check for any damage or presence of animals making a nest. Birds love to use chimney caps for their nests and you wouldn’t want to spark up your first fire of the year with a nest full of baby birds at the top.

Check the Flashing on the Roof

The flashing is the metal sheeting which sits at the base of the chimney on your roof. Its purpose is to prevent leaks around where the chimney meets the roof. If the flashing starts to look a little rough or damaged, you may want to have a Maryland chimney service come and inspect or repair your flashing. If the flashing is left un-repaired, it can cause expensive water damage to your roof.

Clear out the Ash

Your firebox and ash pit will collect a lot of ash throughout the year. It’s best to check and clean out these areas of ash on a regular basis. Not only will it prevent ash from getting in your home, but a clean fireplace looks a lot nicer than a dirty one.

Chimney in porch area with ash in firebox in need of cleaning

Chimney Sweep

You should schedule to have your chimney swept at least once a year by a professional Maryland chimney cleaning service. We suggest scheduling the service in the spring once the burning season is over, but it’s best to get it done if you haven’t had it done within the past year.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Check to ensure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working. While this isn’t technically part of your “chimney”, it’s best to be prepared. With a properly functioning smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, you can rest assured your family will be warned of these potential dangers.

For more help with getting through your 2017 chimney checklist so your chimney and fireplace are ready for the new year, get in touch with a Maryland chimney service today. Town & Country Chimney Service is a Baltimore, MD chimney service with over 30 years of industry experience. For a free estimate on our chimney services, fill out the form on our website, or give us a call at 410-995-6700 today.

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