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Chimney Waterproofing

The chimney is an often-neglected part of the home that many homeowners do not realize needs proper care and maintenance to be safe and efficient. The inside of your chimney should be regularly inspected and cleaned, but what about the outside? The exterior of your chimney is exposed to the elements daily and should be cared for and treated just as much as the interior!

Maryland Chimney Waterproofing Service

Why is chimney waterproofing necessary?

Water penetration can not only be harmful to your chimney’s masonry work, but also to the interior of your chimney, lessening its functionality. This penetration of water can cause many issues, including:

  • Stains on exterior and interior chimney surfaces
  • Decayed or deteriorated chimney mortar
  • Water leaks inside your home
  • Weakened chimney structure
  • Firebox assembly damage
  • Rusted damper accessories
  • Weakened flue system
  • Unpleasant odors

Having a Maryland chimney repair service waterproof your chimney can help keep these problems from happening and will ensure your chimney is in good condition.

What does the chimney waterproofing process consist of?

If you hire a Maryland chimney waterproofing professional like Town & Country, we will use a product called DEFY, a well-known and highly effective breathable masonry chimney water repellent. Most acrylic and silicone waterproofing sealers only form a film on the chimney’s surface to trap water vapors.

Alternatively, DEFY contains siloxanes which react to form strong chemical bonds and penetrate the masonry or concrete chimney’s surface up to ¼”! The bonds allow the product to become a physical part of the chimney’s structure, which provides long-lasting protection without altering the chimney surface’s appearance.

Why should I hire a professional?

Working on chimneys can be dangerous for homeowners who are not comfortable with heights, and for that reason alone it’s best to leave it to those who work on roofs or tall structures frequently! In addition, chimneys are often a home to creosote, which is a mixture of chemicals that builds up inside your chimney and is dangerous to come in contact with. Allowing a professional chimney waterproofing service handle this process ensures that you and your family are safe from any dangers associated with chimney service and repair.

Town & Country Chimney Service is a Maryland chimney service provider that is highly educated on chimney waterproofing and other techniques that extend the life and improve the efficiency of your chimney. We proudly service Baltimore city, as well as Baltimore, Howard, Carroll, and Anne Arundel counties. For more information on waterproofing your chimney or to inquire about our other services, contact us today!

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