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What Does a Chimney Cap Do?

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A Chimney isn’t just for aesthetics, chimneys protect your family and your home by removing the smoke and harmful gases that enter your home, and are given off by your fireplace or heating unit. Your chimney is important, and it also needs to be protected, which is where a chimney cap comes in. They are there to protect you and your chimney, they actually serve more than one purpose.

They Keep Pests Out

An exposed chimney is like gold for many a small animal, they find comfort in making your chimney their home. When a bird or squirrel builds a nest in your chimney it can block areas and cause smoke to come back into the house. Having a chimney cap will prevent bird, rodents, raccoon, and bats from calling your chimney their home, or worse finding a way inside your house.

Rain and Snow

Moisture can cause a chimney to deteriorate and crack, when these problems arise chimney collapse is even possible. When your chimney insides are wet they also are subject to freezing and thawing issues that can cause major structural damage. Adding a chimney cap can prevent rain and snow from entering your chimney and prevent moisture problems before they start.

Rouge Embers

When you have a fire going in the home, there can occasionally be large sparks that make their way up the chimney. If those sparks exit the chimney and are hot enough they could potentially cause a fire. The wire mesh that is found surrounding a chimney cap holds those loose sparks in until they safely expire, eliminating the risk of a fire.

A chimney cap keeps your chimney healthy and ensures it will stand the test of time. It is important to choose the right cap and to regularly check it for damage. At Town and Country Chimney Service we recommend having a chimney cap, we also inspect the chimney cap during routine inspections. If your chimney is in need of a cap or repair, or to have your chimney inspected contact us for a free estimate.

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