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Should I Have My Fireplace Inspected Before Winter?

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It is almost that time of the year where we pack our summer apparel and welcome winter with open arms. The best thing about winters is that they having a feeling of coziness. Among the best times spent during this season are those where you relax by the fireplace.

Since you will also be firing up your fireplace soon, it is important for you to know that you should always have it inspected prior to using it in the winter. In fact, a five-year study conducted by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), revealed that failure to clean the fireplace prior to using it in winters was the prime cause of home fires.

This emphasizes the point that you must have your fireplace inspected prior to using it this winter. Due to the complexities involved, it is always recommended that you hire professionals like Town & Country Chimney Service in Maryland for the best inspection.

Following are a few reasons that highlight the importance of hiring expert fireplace inspectors to have a fireplace inspection before winter.

State-Of-The-Art Methods

Professional fireplace inspectors like Town & Country Chimney in Baltimore make use of the best and the most contemporary methods of inspection. They take into consideration the minutest of details in order to ensure the best inspection. A detailed fireplace inspection by Town & Country Chimney includes the inspection of the crown condition, mortar joints, damper, and firebox among several other parts and specifics.

Contemporary Cleaning Equipment

Professional fireplace inspectors not only ensure a great inspection through state-of-the-art practices, but also by using modern and the most effective equipment. During the cleaning process, they also make sure to remove harmful substances like flammable creosote. This allows for better venting while ensuring better safety.

Additional Inspections

In addition to the regular inspection, expert inspectors also inspect the rooftops in order to make sure that the exterior of the fireplace chimney is safe and intact. In addition, they also inspect that the chimney cap is well in place, and that there is no moisture being absorbed by the brick and mortar. These little things play a major role in the safe usage of your fireplace which makes it important to have them inspected before winter.

Are you looking forward to getting your fireplace inspected by the professionals? Hire Town & Country Chimney by calling 410-995-6700. We are easily among the best fireplace inspectors in Baltimore, Maryland that you can opt for.

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