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Fall Fireplace Check List

maryland chimney in the fall

It is basically fall and winter is already at our doorstep. This means that soon it will be time to enjoy those cozy nights around the fireplace. While we all look forward to it, there are a few things we need to take care of before using our fireplace.

It has probably been a long time since you used your fireplace. Ideally, you’ve been performing maintenance on your fireplace year round. But you don’t have to worry if you haven’t done so, just make sure that before you use it this winter, you run through the following checklist to ensure the best use of it.

Chimney Checks

The most important area of a fireplace to address is the chimney. This is normally the most affected part of the entire fireplace if not in use for a while. First, check to see if there is any debris in the chimney damper. This is usually the place where most of the debris accumulates over time.

Cleaning the Fireplace

If you haven’t attended to your fireplace in awhile, this is the perfect time to do so. Unused fireplaces tend to get dirty. If the chimney dampers are not in great condition, there is a fair chance that leaves and debris are falling into the fireplace.

Before lighting it up, thoroughly clean all the dirt up. While you do this, also sweep the ashes off the floor of your fireplace. If left there, they will adversely affect the aesthetics of your fireplace. Also, discard old logs and replace them with new ones for more warmth and less clutter.

Install a New Chimney Cap

If you have a chimney cap installed already, make sure you clean it properly before using your fireplace this winter. If you haven’t installed one, or if the one you have is not in good condition, consider replacing it with a newer one.

Maintenance of Your fireplace

After you are done with getting the fireplace ready to work, it is important to keep it that way. To make sure you are able to maintain your fireplace through the winter, here are a few routine measures you should definitely take:

Removing Ash Regularly

It is important to clean the ashes from your fireplace regularly because they can ruin the look of your fireplace. For safety reasons, it is recommended that you should clean these ashes using a metal bucket.

Cutting Nearby Branches

Another Important measure to take is to make sure that nearby trees do not branch out dangerously close to the chimney. This could pose a threat of fire. So make sure you trim the branches of any trees nearby at least twice a month.

Do you need a thorough inspection or maintenance of your fireplace? Hire Town & Country Chimney Service for the job. We are experts at inspecting chimneys, cleaning fireplaces, and even rebuilding them if required. For further details or to get a free estimate, simply call 410-995-6700.

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