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Does My Chimney Need to Be Relined?

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Chimney liner is undoubtedly an integral part of your chimney. Any damage to it could be detrimental to your chimney, often leading to costly repairs or even replacement. Generally, the regular use of chimney causes wear, which could set in the chimney lining and lead to a relining.

Signs Your Chimney Needs to be Relined

Some of the obvious signs you should never ignore and which show that your chimney is in dire need of relining, are:

  1. Chimney Rust

Rust is the enemy of a chimney liner and when it becomes apparent, it is time to change the chimney liner as soon as possible and go for relining of your chimney. Firebox or dumper rust can ruin your mortar in no time and has to be kept in check so that it doesn’t increase. The signs to check for include a damper that is not sealing properly, which could be due to the rust setting in. Cracking of fuel tiles is yet another sign of the rust in chimney liners.

  1. Damaged Mortar

The mortar surrounding the chimney liner is a clear indicator of whether or not you need chimney relining. When the damage is visible in the joints of the bricks, it is time to opt for chimney relining and it is better to go for professional help regarding this. This happens because the chimney lining is no longer working efficiently and hence not keeping away the smoke. Or it has cracks that let the moisture settle between the mortar joints, damaging it. If the effects of moisture and damaged mortar isn’t taken seriously, your chimney could collapse.

  1. Rotting Wallpaper

When the chimney liner ceases to function properly , the moisture will seep in and cause the wallpaper to rot in no time. It is the first indicator that the chimney needs relining.

  1. Spalling

Spalling is when the natural stone of the chimney wall or the bricks start to reduce in size in a disproportionate manner due to an increase in its salt content. This is a clear indication that your chimney has to be relined as soon as possible. The seepage of water has to be stopped with a fresh chimney lining or else it could leave an impact on the bricks and stones of your rooftop as well and gradually damage them.

  1. The Cracked Crown

Your chimney crown isn’t sitting atop the erected bricks for no reason; it could be a strong indicator for the need of chimney relining. Cracks in the crown of the chimney become visible very easily and it has to be kept an eye on, so that the liner could be replaced before the onset of further damage. The crown of the chimney is the protector against all the external elements entering the chimney opening and thus it also has to be well kept and regularly maintained.

Town & Country Chimney Service has professional staff and advanced tools for chimney relining and other related service. You are only a call away from a fresh lining and saved chimney!

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