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Should I Have My Chimney Waterproofed?

chimney waterproofed

If, instead of focusing on how to get your chimney waterproofed, you are wondering if it is necessary at all to get your chimney waterproofed; the answer is, yes you should!

And there are solid reasons backing the statement, such as:

1. Your chimney is prone to the wrath of moisture

Though you must be confident about the high quality material used in your rooftop, moisture takes its toll on even the best quality material thus making it essential to get your chimney waterproofed. One of the major dangers caused by chimney moisture could be a fire caused by it in the chimney or the fireplace which is of course not only a scary thing to witness but could also be detrimental (to your pocket as well).

2. The decay of mortar

Rain and dew can cause mortar to decay with time, and it is definitely not something one can tolerate. The decay of mortar doesn’t stop at one end, it spreads; thus, it is essential to waterproof your chimney as soon as you get a chance (and not wait for it to show signs of decay).

3. Collapse of chimney

Decay and rot eventually leads to the collapse of chimneys. Instead of getting a new one built up, it is better to get the existing one waterproofed. The material used in construction often gets weary with time and without proper check there could be a sudden case of collision (not a pleasant surprise at all). The internal chimney water damage due to moisture and water creates a caustic mix that shakes the strength of the mortar which eventually falls apart in some time.

The signs that a chimney needs to be waterproofed (the damage is often taking its toll) are:

  • Cracks
  • Mildew
  • Rusty exterior
  • Water stains
  • Tilt in chimney
  • Mortar decay

With the evident signs of chimney damage, it only becomes essential to protect it from further damage so that neither fire sets off nor can water seep into the walls.

Waterproofing the chimney is important way before an issue arises, and is also an important fundamental step when planning a home build. Since common bricks absorb water like a sponge, it is important to consider waterproofing them or selecting one of many waterproof building materials used in new chimney construction.

Town & Country Chimney Service offers specialized products and services for not only the safety of your chimney from damage caused by water but also against all the possible issues. The chimney caps, lock top dampers, and chase tops are all made of high quality material to protect your chimneys from rodents, squirrels, rust, mortar decay etc. The Hy-C and Gelco stainless caps prevent rain damage and other issues which result in chimneys being collapsed or deteriorated in any other manner, while also proving to be a decent looking piece on top of your roof.

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