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Maryland Chimney Relining Services

While summer may not be over just yet, it’s a good time to start considering a Maryland chimney relining service. As temps start to cool off, you’ll wish your chimney was 100% ready for the season. One major part of your chimney that’s extremely important to keep in top working condition is your chimney liner.

Chimneys, well at least the major of masonry chimneys, are built with an inner chimney line. This inner liner is made up of terracotta clay tiles. In this post, we’ll go over the purpose of these liners, and why it’s important to keep them properly maintained.

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What does a Chimney Liner Do?

When burning wood inside of your home, there are two main dangers: the flame and the fumes. The chimney liner is one of the most important parts to ensuring the invisible dangers of a wood burning fire (the fumes) leave your home. In other words, a chimney liner’s main job is to prevent harmful substances from seeping into your home.

Without a chimney liner, dangerous substances would make their way into your walls. The harmful substances a chimney liner helps to get out of your home are:

  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Smoke
  • Moisture
  • Creosote
  • and other hazardous combustions

Maintaining a Chimney Liner

With regular, preventative chimney maintenance, a chimney can remain in top working order. The chimney liner itself should be a major part of the Maryland chimney inspection process. The main reason being it is so crucial to keeping the most dangerous parts of wood-burning fires out of your walls. During an inspection, a chimney professional will look for cracks, chips, missing tiles, and other signs your chimney liner needs to be repaired.

Why Hire a Professional Chimney Service?

When it comes to working on a chimney, it’s important you work with a licensed and experienced Maryland chimney service. This will ensure your chimney is properly maintained, and working safely. This is not an area of your home you want to cut corners on because the dangers here are not a small leaking faucet or a creaky floorboard. The dangers a faulty chimney liner exposes your home to are life-threatening.

Town & Country Chimney Service, Inc. is an experienced Baltimore chimney relining service who can quickly and efficiently reline your chimney at an affordable cost. For more information on our chimney relining service, give Town & Country Chimney Service, Inc. a call today at 410-995-6700.

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