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Is it Time to Rebuild Your Chimney?


Rebuilding your chimney may sound like an extreme measure, but it may be necessary in certain situations. Remember that the top portion of the chimney is the tallest and the most exposed point of your home. This means it gets treated the harshest by the sun, wind, rain and the rest of the elements. As Maryland chimney rebuilding specialists, we try to perform chimney repair whenever possible, and in severe damage cases we recommend chimney rebuilding if the chimney is failing.

Signs of a Failing Chimney

  • Water leaks in your roof or water dripping down into the fireplace
  • Cracked and crumbling brick on the top part of the chimney
  • Chimney has been struck by lightning or an earthquake and is missing parts of masonry

What Are My Options?

There are two ways to address chimney rebuilding. If the damage is localized to the top portion of the chimney towering above the roof, then all we need to rebuild is that part. Quite often, we find that the inner layer of the brick surrounding the chimney liner is in good condition, so the only part that needs rebuilding is the outside lawyer. Our Maryland chimney rebuilding specialists take great care to match your new chimney to the rest of your home, protect your roof, as well as install proper seals and flashing during the rebuilding process.

If the chimney is crumbling away throughout the structure due to deteriorated mortar joints, the entire chimney may have to go. If this is the case, it’s a great opportunity to design the new chimney with your new tastes and preferences in mind. If you inherited the current chimney when you bought the house, you didn’t have any say in its look and style, but now you do! Complete chimney rebuilding may be more costly, but it may be necessary if you want to continue using your chimney.

Let us know if you have any questions or want us to assess the condition of your chimney. Hopefully, repair is all it needs, but if rebuilding is necessary, you can rely on our professional Maryland chimney services.

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